Cubase 7.5 and MONO hardware inserts TROUBLE

Integrating hardware with Cubase is a new adventure for me. I have no issue setting up the External FX buses to communicate correctly with the hardware, but I am not having much luck with how the mono hardware and mono audio track interact.

It seems even if I have a mono audio track soloed and the fader set to zero, if I have an active hardware insert on that channel, I can hear it, then raising the fader introduces the unprocessed audio and causes phase issues.

This is when the output of the mono track is the Stereo master bus. If I set it to output to only the Left output of the master bus, when the fader is set to zero and the hardware insert is activated, I hear sound only on the right side, then as I rise the fader, it introuces sound into the left side.

Please help! What am I doing wrong and should hardware inserts ignore mute/solo settings and bus routing?

Even if I set the hardware FX bus to stereo, and allocate the mono unit to the left side only, I hear audio on the right side … this audio is inexplicable though - none of the meters are moving. If I bypass the hardware insert, the audio int he right goes away. And if I rise the fader, I’m hearing the unprocessed audio again.

This is doing my head in :confused: I’ve read the manual and all it describes is how to create a hardware FX … no troubleshooting.