Cubase 7.5 and Ozone

Cubase 7.5 and Ozone 4 aren’t compatible. Ozone is not a plug I was interested in updating; if I hadn’t used it on so many past projects I would ditch it all together in favor of Slate VBC. Im curios, have there been issues with Ozone 5 on Cubase 7.5?

Why do you say that Ozone 4 is not compatible with C7.5?

I am just curious.

Well, if I attempt to add an instance of Ozone 4, Cubase 7.5 (OSX) crashes.

I’ll admit to overreacting a bit in my previous post, I wouldn’t ditch Ozone. I just hope version 5 has all the kinks worked out :sunglasses:

Ozone 5 works fine on all versions of Cubase 7.5 (at least in Windows).

Ozone 5 solid here on a Mac as well.

Ozone 4 works fine here with Cubase 7.5.3

Thanks playz123 and cpechet1 for the feedback on Ozone 5, I’ll be updating.

Ozone 4 works fine here with Cubase 7.5.3

That is interesting CWS, I wonder if the issue is OSX exclusive?

No problem.