Cubase 7.5 and Reason 8 good friends?

So, is anyone here using Cubase 7.5 and Reason 8 via Rewire on Windows?

I’m wondering if Rewire works good these days. Been quite a while since Rewire appeared, must have been Rebirth, and back then there was quite a few issues. But now, many many years later and everything is 64 bit I’m thinking of expanding my DAW with Reason.

The setup I’ve been thinking is having Cubase as the DAW (well yeah, what else) and slaving Reason 8 and getting all the audio channels I can into Cubase using Rewire. I want to have all my midi channels in Cubase if it’s possible. So basically using Reason more or less as a plugin.

I know I can probably try a demo of Reason but I want to hear if anyone has more extensive experience.

I’m on OSX myself and got the upgrade to Reason 8 yesterday. For the first time in ages I hooked up Cubase (host) with Reason (slave) through rewire. Unfortunately, since 64-bit rewire is not supported by Cubase I’m stuck with the 32-bit version, and I’m running out of memory after a few tracks.

Disregard. I run Cubase 7.5.3 + Reason 8, both in 64-bit, through rewire just fine.

You might want to read this short thread near the bottom:

If it is still true (I have not tried to Rewire Reason 8 yet), it makes using Reason+Rewire+Cubase amazingly cumbersome.

This is still the way it’s working. Cumbersome - yes, but it’s possible to make project templates in both Cubase and Reason that will help you avoid setting the whole thing up from scratch every time. I just made myself templates which includes 5 Reason instruments routed through rewire ch. to 5 group ch. in Cubase. By customizing the Cubase mixer I hide all rewire ch. and the group ch. appears next to the “normal” instrument ch. All I have to think of is opening Cubase and Reason in the right order and it will work just like that.

Great suggestion! Thanks!

Thanks for your replies guys.