Cubase 7.5 and yamaha 02r ver2 as control surface

Hi All

I have cubase 7.5 installed. I would like to use my Yamaha O2r ver2 digital mixer as a control surface. I can easily select the mixer as a device from the program however there is no default setting from the midi control options within the mixer itself to get a connection to the software using the recommended ‘to host’ usb connection. The mixer has all sorts of other options available for the connection such as pro tools, general midi etc - everything except cubase ! I have tried to connect using all the available options in the midi controller section to see if by chance any of the other options would connect even in a limited way but i just get a ‘failed connection’ message. The PC picks up the mixer on the usb bus.

I have seen videos of cubase with the 02r ver2 working but I have no clue as to what the problem might be

Is there anyone on here had success with this particular pairing?

Any advice would be much appreciated

Many thanks




I don’t use O2R but Tascam DM3200, and with that mixer I use the Mackie Control protocol to have control device functionality in Cubase. But surely Yamaha has more info on this, since Steinberg is owned by Yamaha?