cubase 7.5 artist score editor question

Hi all, Thanks if you can help/advise. I am running 7.5 Artist and want to print out sheet music in guitar tab. Is this possible with this version. There is a ‘tab’ available in clef setting but is still only shows musical notation, 5 lines. not the 6 lines I would expect when ‘tab’ is selected. Do I need to upgrade?

Many thanks, Quintt

Such a simple question - I too have been wasting my time asking Steinberg (and so far not revceiving any answer) for a statement of the differences between Cubase Pro, Artist and Elements (the Cubase family) with repsect to the functionality of score, score editor and chords! I have had to plow through the Cubase manuals and although I haven’t had this confirmed it seems that all the score goodies have been held over to the Pro version with just a few bits available in Artist and Elements. So my advice would be to go for an upgrade to Cubase Pro 8. But please don’t complain to me if that doesn’t do what you want. Steinberg should be able to give quick presales responses to customers! There’s a video on youtube which shows a Steinberg employee doing lots of good stuff with score and a lot of complaints from people who can’t replicate what he does so I reckon he’s got the top of the range model!