Cubase 7.5 - assign automation to track versions?

I for whatever reason cannot find the 7.5 manual (see post here: ) so sorry if this is a dumb question.

Is it possible to assign track automation to a track version? Right now it seems that whatever I change automation wise in one version is applied to all versions of the track, which makes track versions a lot less useful for me. For example, I’m trying multiple edits of a part in our song to see which works better, and I’m using some volume automation to help sell the edit in option 2, but its not necessary for option 1. I really wanted to use track versions as I can assign the 10 tracks to an ID and quickly switch between the two options, but it appears that all the volume automation for option 2 is also being drawn in version 1, which made version 1 a complete mess! GRRR!!!

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help and reply.

Unfortunately automation is not included in Versions.

WOW!! This is very disappointing news, as this was the main reason I upgraded to 7.5! I would think, even with just doing an “alternate lyric” that automation might be necessary to make the track version fit in the mix and that automation should be saved with the different track versions.

I really hope they consider allowing this functionality. Just make it a toggle. But to not have this option makes track versions very limited IMO. I mean, I could imagine wanting to A-B different mixing options for the chorus of your song for example, complete with send and volume automation. Or maybe hear different track versions of your acoustic guitar panned in different spots. Track versions would be AWESOME for this type of A-B comparison, and must admit I ignorantly thought I was getting with the paid 7.5 upgrade.

Oh well - guess its back to duplicating tracks into multiple folders for me. :frowning: Of course this means duplicating all the instert plugins as well, and thus using WAY more CPU in order to just hear some different volume automation. Seems kinda silly!


Actually there might be a solution. I come from logic, and they have a way of moving track automation to region automation. Can cubase do this? If so, I should be able to move my automation to regions, then they would change with the track version, right?

Sorry to tell you, Cubase only associates automation with tracks, not parts.

bummer! :frowning:

Thank you very much for your help though Steve!! Its very much appreciated!!

Years ago Cubase had all parameters available on both a track and part level, which sounds like what you’re talking about. They share a cultural bond- both are cutting edge German programs. Well, Cubase still is… :laughing:

I wonder if track versions should have been called track content versions.

…and still there seems to be an option to assign midi cc to “next track version” etc

Mmmmm, yeap this is sad news to me also. I thought that the track versions were…well versions of the track and how it was treated.

Maybe I will wait for a 7.5.1 to upgrade

Please fix this! Track Versions need to include (optionally, as needed) all parameters and automation. Having track versions is virtually worthless without this! (at least in my production workflow). To include VSTi parameters, and insert (FX) parameters, bypass settings, etc.

And, IMO, if you wish to ignore automation, settings, bypasses, etc on a track, that should be a checkbox toggle to “ignore” (but track versioning should really include all settings & automation by default).

Thanks! Huge Cubase User, have been for years