Cubase 7.5 audio problems

Hi all, I am having serious problems recording audio in Cubase 7.5. What happens is sometime I open and audio track, record audio and it plays back fine, then when I record again sometimes it mixes audio samples from previous audio files I’ve recorded, will not play back at all. However when I open these audio files in Windows they play back fine but won’t play back in Cubase. Is this a bug that there may be a patch for at some stage? If I can’t record audio files I can’t make up any CD’s at all so this is a serious problem for me. I also recently had to call Yamaha support because Cubase was crashing every time I recorded an audio file. Maybe there might already be a patch for this bug? Thanks.

I seem to having similar problems. I returned to a project I was working on a couple of days ago but now I can’t get the audio files to playback. The sound card and routing haven’t changed and worked before but suddenly no more.

I have the problem with my new Cubase artist 7. It only records a couple bars then automatically stop recording but the record enable is still on and still keeps going but does not record . Can anyone help me fix it?