Cubase 7.5 Automation from saved mixer?

Here’s what I am stuck with:
I have multichannel audio from a live concert. This is ultimately going to go under video from the same concert.
During the performance the mixing guy kept adjusting the levels of various instruments and there are also small changes is volume levels of individual tracks for musical reasons.

For each song I made a mix and saved the mixer to a file. So now I can recall the correct mixer settings for each song. But how would I incorporate that into a mixdown? It would be nice to move the locator to various spots in the file and say “load such-and-such mixer here” so that the mixer settings are being changed as it gets mixed down.

Unfortunately I am not experienced enough we Cubase to find an easier way than to load each mixer setting, write down the slider values and set the automation in every channel accordingly. But is this seriously the only way?

I hope this was somewhat understandable.