Cubase 7.5 & Axe-Edit 3 Conflict

PC / Win 7 / Cubase 7.5 / MR816csx via FW / Axe-FX II XL analog out to MR816

I want to use the AXFX output directly into the MR816 via XLR and use Axe-Edit 3 to control the AXFX via USB. When I attempt to do so I begin to experience problems with Cubase, i.e. not closing, not opening, computer freeze on restart, can’t find License.

I suspect it is a USB driver conflict as I must install Fractal drivers in order for Axe-Edit to work. The Axe-FX II XL can send and receive audio via the USB however I don’t want to use that feature, only want to use Axe-Edit for a simple Axe-FX II XL control interface if at all possible.

Any experience with this here?