Cubase 7.5 Bank and Patch Info for EWQL

Stupid problem:
I moved EWQL libraries to a different drive, updated the path info in Play 4.2.2., but Play has suddenly forgotten what sounds I had set for each of its instances and each Midi channel in Cubase. This is the case in ALL my files!
I have then uninstalled Play 4.2.2. and installed Play 4.2.35, but same problem.

How can I find out what bank and patch information Cubase 7.5 sends to EWQL Play Engine, or any VSTi for that matter? In other words: how does a VSTi “know” what patch to play for each instance and Midi channel? Or else, is there a way I can retrieve such from Cubase or Play? The list editor in Cubase is no help, as there is no information about actual bank and patch number information (or maybe I am too dumb to find it, which certainly is a possibility).

Thanks a million!

Hi and welcome,

some plug-ins can display the information in the VST Instruments window, even if the plug-in itself is missing (se the attached screenshot, where it should be displayed). But I don’t know, if Play can do this. And if you were using multi-timbral, then it’s even more tricky.

Btw: I’m always using Notepad of every single track, to make notes about the sound.
Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 22.13.54.png