cubase 7.5 Bouncing is too slow...


I’ve just try v7.5 and it’s seems to be rock solid.

But I’ve noticed that bouncing is very very slow and
slower than bouncing in real time.
It’s the first time and very annoying when you have to bounce
fiew long songs in the day…

That’s weird I didn’t notice any change.
Bouncing speed depends on the CPU charge of the song itself (number of plugins/VSTi used, processing etc).
Did you try different songs or just bouncing something simple like dropping an mp3 inside an empty project ?

Yes I’ve done many sessions with about 20 audio tracks with some plugs i use to.
Bouncing a session (3.5 minutes) in Cubase 7.5 is about 10 to 15 minutes !!!
Bouncing the same session with anterior cubase versions is about 1.5 minutes.
About 10 times to bounce in 7.5 than before
So today i work on 7.5 but when it’s time to bounce…too much time waste…
i open cubase 7.0.6 and i bounce my work

There is no difference for me. Maybe some kind of a bug.

If you have a plugin which has extreme quality settings when rendering off-line this may result in what you experience. An example to this may be the 2CAudio B2 reverb. Check your plugins!

Thanks for your answers but no…
For years i always use the type of Plugs and try to use
less CPU consumer.
the only thing I can say is that I use a personnal project template
from Cubase 7.06 and maybe there is a problem with 7.5 when I bounce…
Do sommebody bounce in 7.5 a session made in 7.0.6 ?

Every day. 7.0.6 at studio, 7.5 at home. No difference.