Cubase 7.5 BPM issue need help!


I notice that when i open a project in Cubase 7.5 and lising to music in winamp or spotify at the same moment
and when the project is done with the load up, that track i was listening to by spotify changes the bpm to current bpm I have in the project.

Is there any fix to this?

anyone? appreciate the help

It sounds that what you may be talking about is that your winamp music is playing at a different sample rate, perhaps 48khz, as maybe set in your Cubase project, rather than the BPM of the project. Could this be the case?

Yes something like that the song itself goes in slow motion but this is only when I listen true winamp or any other media software and open cubase during the same time, if I open winamp after I’m inside a cubase project,then winamp doesnt play at all

i think it has something to do with asio stuff that i dont understand so much about i send a screenshot of my setting please check if its correct setup.

Looks like you are working in Cubase at 44.1, so maybe set your Windows playback settings also to 44.1