CUBASE 7.5 bypass plugin - different look

I found tutorial cubase 7 - there’s great way to bypass plugins

In regular cubase I must find little point on the left!
It’s possible to change somewere in preferences!?

In my opinion screen from tutorial (where VOCAL RIDER ) bypass button on the left
and triangle on right is much better!!!

In attach my and tutorial way to bypass plugin :slight_smile:
I’ll appreciated if you let me know :smiley:

In the german forum a lot of people are complaining about the mouse hovering options and would strongly agree. So do I!


Yeah, getting sick of hovering, waiting, moving, hovering, clicking, missing, moving, hovering etc etc

When mixing you should “act” on the mixer, rather than think. A mix console is for an engineer what an instrument is for a musician. You must be able to learn to “play it” on instinct…

…This is very difficult with the new Mix Console in C7/7.5 and Nuendo 6, and we can’t “play it” as of now, as you have to stop - where is what? what are the status? what plugins are open? etc… “Killing” the creative flow when you are in the “mixing zone” when all you want is to follow your “feeling” and direction of the song.

To take it to the extreme, it is almost disrespectful to mixing engineers, to prioritize “look” before functionality.

One of those things I wasn’t thinking about, but yes, I am tired of hovering/guessing to bypass, access plugin, switch plugin, remove plugin, etc. This is definitely one of the areas where the seconds are adding up.

Any idea how to back (or set) inspector - look like here


It way better and easier!
I ask tutorial owner which version do they have.
They say - 7.0.

Any user has also those look of acess to plugins?

Totally agree. I’m usually one of the pro-change, pro-new-stuff types, but the invisible controls that you have to know to hover over are terrible. And… why do they position them so they’re falling off the edge of the rectangle? The left stupid ghost-hover area on an insert is in almost the same space as the right stupid ghost-hover area of the insert next to it. It’s really annoying, and yeah: the seconds add up.

Some of the recent design changes in the software are surely to do with touch screen compatibility, but “mouseover” stuff is actually one of the things that touch screens are bad at, so it especially doesn’t make sense.

I’ve found in ASK VIDEO tutorial also those type of bypass on/off and choose plugins!
What is those version?

In my 7 and 7.5.20 are different style!!!
Anyone can help!?

What to do!? Write do Steinberg or what!?
ask vs my cubase.jpg

Steinaha is going backwards in terms of GUI/Interface/Clicks

Would this really be that difficult?


Hi theRoyal1 - that looks nice; only, how would i distinguish between simple bypass and turning the plugin completely off/on…? That big green button looks nice as a ‘power’ switch, but bypass…? I’m guessing clicking anywhere on the main area would open the UI for the plug…? Again, nice… :wink:

When It’s on It’s green and the blue like it normally is on… When it’s off it would be just like it is now when its off and all one slate color across.

The behaviors are basically the same all I did was add colored areas to the switches that were already there…

I could easily add another button next to the power or split the button and have a power & bypass switch…


These are all low res mocks that took me a few minutes…While a full res and coding would obviously take more time just the fact that it could be so much simpler neater and most of all,
More Productive!!


Yes, please. Separate controls for power and bypass, dedicated buttons…this is awesome.

Guys - your photoshop buttons are awesome - really!
But what I show you are really difference between some cubse (I don’t know which one) - maybe MAC AND PC!?

I have PC version - and those button are tired…
Will be enough for now to make choose option between those two!

Are any mac user of c7 - c7.5 agree that they have those buttons in theirs C?!

I mean those photo:
mac vs pc.jpg

I don’t think it’s a Mac v PC difference. More of a difference in versions of Cubase.
Don’t remember but I think they went to your “PC buttons” in 7.5
I could be wrong, and probably am but I would check that 1st