Cubase 7.5 compatibility with El Capitan

I’m running Cubase 7.5 and still haven’t found a definitive statement from steinberg saying it’s safe to upgrade to El Capitan.

I would think it should be fine - can anyone confirm that for me please.

Thank you…


Cubase 7.5 is not and will not be officialy El. Capitan compatible. So the upgrade is “on your own risk”.

There is at least one known issue: You cannot Record/Playback a sound in the higher then 48kHz Sample Rate, when you are using a Class Compliant driver.

I would recommend you to upgrade your Cubase.

Thank you.

So if I upgrade to Cubase 8 I can run on El Capitan?



Can you tell me, is this a normal thing that I have to upgrade Cubase just to update my OS? Do Steinberg not offer support for people using older versions who want to update their OS? If so, it’s a very good reason for me to stop using Cubase and switch to something else. I shouldn’t be forced to pay for a Cubase update everytime Apple release a new OS.


This is normal for every single software developer. It’s impossible to keep all older SW versions compatible with all OSs versions. All others DAW are the same, all others SW (any kind) are the same (mainly such complex as Cubase is).