Cubase 7.5 - "Couldn't find manual"


New user, first post!

I just installed Cubase 7.5 from retail CD and registered my license. OK so far.

Step 1 - read the Quick Start Guide. Except when I go to Help > Documentation > Quick Start Guide, Cubase says “Couldn’t find manual”. Same thing if I try to open the full user manual.

The installation went without a hitch - no indication of any elements missed or skipped. Standard installation. And I see no other CD that looks like it might have the manual on it separately.

Am I missing something?

One possibility - my music computer is not connected to the internet - perhaps the manual is only online? If so, I see I can get it at

but it would be nice if the Documentation buttons worked.


Are you on Mac or PC? What version of the OS? have you updated to 7.5.2? Once I have your system information I can address this issue further.

Hi - thank you for the quick reply!

PC, Win7-64bit - Cubase 7.5.0 Build 114, straight out of the box.

Thanks again.

Sent you a PM.

Thank you

You have a corrupt PDF reader , you need to reinstall your reader .

Don’t you think that’s a bit rude ,someone’s posting here for help and your going to resolve this via pm without informing the forum on how you have explained the fix ?

I’m sure Jeff was just following protocol - maybe he had to ask questions about my system he thought most people wouldn’t want to share publicly.

Anyway, for others’ future reference:

Jeff correctly pointed me to the help files’ location, where I could confirm they are indeed installed. And where I discovered that they are PDF files. Combined with G-String’s advice about requiring a functioning Acrobat Reader - it became clear: never mind a corrupt pdf reader - I know I have NO pdf reader installed. Don’t recall seeing a mention of it being required.

So I downloaded an offline Acrobat Reader installer from Adobe, transferred it to my production machine via USB key, instaled the reader, re-started Cubase - - and ta da - - help files open like a charm. I’m guessing the Documentation buttons are just pointers to the pdf files, which depend on system asssociations to call the required reader.

So - thanks Jeff & G-string.

And yet another revision item for future for the programmers - perhaps an error message for the case that a pdf reader wasn’t found, not that the files weren’t found?

I’m facing this same issue myself, only I do have a functioning Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. I was hoping to glean just a little more information from this post to learn how to troubleshoot this for myself, but it seems that the information I really need was passed along via IM instead of being posted here.

So… what is the location of the installed help files?

They are in the documentation sub folder of the main Cubase installation folder.

I would check your windows file associations for pdf files are correct.

Right - I should’a included this in my post. Probably too late for this poster, but for future reference…They’re at:

C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase/Documentation

Right - I should’a included this in my post. Probably too late for this poster, but for future reference…They’re at:

Just to clarify… I previously answered “documentation sub folder of the main Cubase installation folder” not to be awkward but to cover any change in installation path & both 32 & 64bit versions.

But yes, as long as they are on 64bit Cubase and used the default install locations your listed path is exactly where it would be.