Cubase 7.5 CRASH when reopening

My cubase 7.5 will crash whenever i open another session…

When i close a session and reopen a different session it crashes everytime. I have to quit Cubase all together, restart the program, then reopen the session.

Available Ram is always at around 7 gigs, and system doesnt seem slow or glitchy.

Anyone experiencing this problem, any ideas on fixes??

thanks for any advice!!

Mine does this, and in my case it’s directly due to my old favourite 32 bit plugins which are running in VSTBridge. Cubase just stops when it tries to unload them, i.e. locks up when closing down, or when de-activating the project to activate another one. I have to kill the VSTBridge process to free up the main Cubase process. However I’m on Win7, could be entirely different on OSX…

If you think that’s what’s happening to you then remove some plugins from your system and see if it sorts it, then add them back and see if it breaks it again.


Ah i see. yea that could definitely be it! Especially since i’ve noticed that some of my favorite 32 bit plugins wont work at all( will boot but cant edit in plugin).

I’ll try disabling them all together and see if that helps. Thanks :smiley:

Mebby you could try the demo of JBridge, I’m sure its now available on mac too…


I get this and I deduced the problem to having a midi track open and an external instrument…

Once I remove the Midi track the crash goes away…I’m disgusted. :blush:


yea i think im gonna give that jbridge a shot… couldnt hurt i guess!

I hope they give us an update soon!!