cubase 7.5 crashed / rev-x activation

Hello all,

I just meet a big matter (for me of course…) my cubase is crashing on un on-going project!!

I was still working on it this morning, then i leave the computer for a few hours and when i came back, cubase and my projet were frozen… I had to stop the processus in task manager to close them.

Now i cannot open this project anymore, its says it rev-x cause an error (can’t find activated licence in the elicencer) but i can open all my other projects. The big problem is that cubase is freezing (no anwser in task manager) when i try to open this project, so i can’t open the project and try to do something.
same thing is happening when i try to open the .bak (always for this project only…)

I’ve Win7 64 / Steinberg UR824 / Cubase 7.5 / Halion Sonic 2
All drivers and firmware are up to date.

If anyone may help me,

after a few search, i found a way to re-activate “basic-FX” (simply hask for reactivation on MySteinberg…) and now i can open the project.

Why i had to do that specially for this project, that stay a mistery.
I’ve also posted a request to the support, i’ll see what they say.