Cubase 7.5 duplicate tracks issue?!?!

Typically when i want to add another channel/track to a midi vst im working on i simply duplicate the track and change the channel…

Now in 7.5 when i duplicate the midi track it launches an entirely new vst instrument of the same!

How do i undo this… or is this a permanent setting in 7.5??

Im having to add another midi track from the the project tab… besides adding a key command, this is still a time waister for me.

Also midi tracks for the same vst now only seem to solo together… and if i mute one, the other will have no sound.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks all!

Sounds like it’s an instrument track, not MIDI.

hmm, just tried to add a new vst instrument via vst instruments panel… and it did the same.

In the previous version i never had this happen. I’d simple go to the vst instruments panel, add a new vst instrument, and i’d be able to duplicate mute/solo all independently.

What changed… and how is a vst instrument track different now?

(pardon my ignorance :slight_smile: )

You are adding Track Instruments, not Rack Instruments.

Thank you sir! found it (still learning the new layout)

Can anyone sum the difference between track instruments and rack instruments?

The New Features doc should be in your help menu.

I swear i watched that (t)racks video… brain fart i guess :sunglasses:

thanks anyways!