Cubase 7.5 Export Audio Mixdown does partial export

I have a song where the intro is 4 bars of 4/4 time, 1 bar of 9/8 time and then going back to 4/4 time for the rest of the duration of the song.

The entire song plays out just fine while working in Cubase 7.5

When I try to do an export -> audio mixdown no matter what setting I use to export file formats all the resulting files play out until the end of the 9/8 measure. It’s silent for the rest of the exported track past that point. I’ve never had any problems exporting everything else under the sun with some time signature changes but this is a first for me. Is this a bug or is it something so simple I’m overlooking it?

I’m so confused and would appreciate any assistance that can be provided on this problem.


To add insult to injury anything I now export as an audiomix down stops after about 5-10 seconds and the rest of the track is silent until the end.

How odd! I wouldn’t think the time change itself would be to blame, but who knows!

Any possibility of hidden/forgotten automation bringing the volume down?

I’ve had that happen to me, also incorrect routing set up from a VSTi, but didn’t realize it because the full audio of the track was playing in the background on another track (usually hidden).

This can be excluded by saving the project as a test file, making all tracks visible, then manually muting everything but the track(s) you want to export. If the project plays back as expected, then the problem lies somewhere else.