Cubase 7.5: exporting audio files for mastering CD

I cant seem to find, anywhere in the Cubase documentation, the actual steps needed to create a CD master. There is plenty of direction on what plug ins to try, how to export individual songs but nothing - that I can find - that shows to make that CD master (the kind you bring to a CD mastering house to replicate or duplicate). I dont believe making one big WAV file is what they want, as they want to be able to put markers in, etc. 16bit @ 44.1kHz is the easy part, its the building of the CD I need assistance with. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Hi and welcome,

In Cubase, you can prepare all files for the CD (in 16bit, 44,1kHz). But you cannot make a master, or burn the CD out of Cubase. For this tasks, there is WaveLab.