Cubase 7.5 for my home studio in Peru

Hello, I need some asistance and would appreciate any help.

I’m interested on buying Cubase 7.5 (full version) in the US and bring it to my homestudio in Lima - Peru. The salesman at the store (Sweetwater) says that this product is “region locked” and it won’t work in my country, or, if it does, that I’m not going to be able to support and future updates.

Does anyone know if this is an accurate information? If so, is there an international version available that would let me register and activate it here in Lima and give me access to support and updates in the future?

Jose Madueno

Aloha J and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

Great question.

The ‘Support’ folk might be able to help.

Your post makes me wonder if traveling musicians that use Cubase
would run into this prob if they toured various countries?

My laptop now works great with Cubase in my live situations but you now have me wondering:

if I packed my laptop/dongle and went to Peru (or any other country) to do a gig,
would/could cubase just magically stop working?

Just out of sheer curiosity I would like to know.


Good Luck!

Thanks for the welcome.

I guess that Cubase wouldn’t stop working in other countries. The program would work without an internet connection.

If registration and activation of Cubase in a country different from the one where the purchase was done remove my right to access to a good support team and updates, why is that info missing at Steinberg´s website? I’ve already read the “Terms & Conditions” and din’t find anything about that.

Thanks again.


I have a friend here in Brazil who bought an US Cubase 7 box on ebay (without knowing about this “region lock”) but everything is fine for him. He already bought an upgrade online for 7.5 and no problems so far (as far as I know).

Nice info Makumbaria - that brings some hope. I’ve already wrote to Let’s see what they say.


Hi Jose, I have a similar situation, well almost!

Will it work outside US? Can it be activated outside US? Please help!!!

Hey, Jose!
First, I can assure you that my German bought and activated Cubase works absolutely well in diverse regions in east and western Europe, AND in the United States, with and without an internet connection.
As to activating a U.S.-bought Cubase from Peru, I hope a mod gets back to you on this, but from what’s stated in the license terms from Steinberg, it should be no problem. If you have a valid license activation code and an eLicenser, you should be able to activate it in New York, Lima, Alma Ata or Beijing.
I think the Sweetwater guy was talking off the top of his head. Still, as stated, if you can, wait for an official answer from Steiny…