Cubase 7.5 full screen mode goes blank black screen?


I am using Cubase 7.5 with 4 screens (amd radeon 7970, with 2 dvi + 1 hdmi + 1 dp output).

Since Cubase 7, I was able to move video windows to 4th screen which is 32" hdmi TV, and make it full screen there. But now (with 7.5), when I move it to the same screen and try to enable full screen, screen goes black. I have double click on it to make it window again, and manually resize the window as full screen. I also tried to make video window full screen on the other 3 screens, it always goes black.

I have the lates updates and drivers for all software and hardware (quicktime is also installed).

What should I do?


any ideas?

I don’t use multiple monitors, and others have reported problems with “full-screen”, so someone with a similar setup who comes along soon will probably be your best help. In the meantime, though the following probably won’t be the solution, it’s non-destructive and easy enough to try, and maybe will help a bit if you haven’t tried already:

hey alexsis,

thanks for your answer and link…but my issue is with video window

So sorry cnk. Hope you get it sorted out soon!