CUBASE 7.5 Generic Remote Cheat-Sheet

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share with you some of my recent work regarding Cubase and Generic Remote.
I am in the middle of creating some custom mappings for my orchestral templates here and I feel overwhelmed how much can be done with it to speed up the process of creating/producing/mixing - you name it. I was always using Generic Remote but never on such a scale as now. Since I have found navigating thru all the little windows there very annoying and I haven’t found any complete list of all the options available in any Cubase manual, I created my own! It is a cheat-sheet helping me programming all my mappings I need for the work to be done.
The file is .JPEG and around 5MB heavy.
I hope everything will be clear for you once you take few minutes to go thru it.
I plan to do some video tutorials on that subject so if there are any particular questions -shoot.
Have fun with it!

Holy cow…

You are welcome vespesian! :wink:

Wow. Nice work. Thanks!

I’m glad you like it Steve!

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i always had hard time with GR programing, wonder what you have posted !

I went ahead and fixed the url to the image, hope that’s okay 24dBFS. (the ‘bold’ tag was what broke it)

thanks !

I plan to do some video tutorials on that subject so if there are any particular questions -shoot.

thanks for the cheat-sheet and future videos plans !

Thanks guys, my bad I just overlooked it. I hope it will be of help to many of you!

The whole GR idea targets the use of hardware or software controllers to trigger actions usually hidden somewhere deep down in the menus or just enables us to create custom surfaces to control almost whatever we want.
As an example lets say You have a midi keyboard with some rotary controllers, mod wheel, pitch wheel, some pads and some sliders. They all are sending MIDI information to Cubase. Lets assume 8 sliders, 8 knobs, 8 buttons or pads, 2 wheels and 61 keys on the keyboard. It gives us 61+8 Midi Note On and Off massages + (8+8+1) Continuous Controllers and 1 Pitch Wheel massages. Altogether 87 MIDI events on just 1 MiDI channel. On all 16 channels we already have 1392 different MIDI events under our fingers all the time (!!!) ready to go and ready to trigger stuff in Cubase. Volume, Panning,Solo, Mute, the amount of Sends or the Visibility of the track might be just the simplest ones to think of. All there, ready to go by just touching a fader or a key AND this on only one Generic Remote page !!! if this isn’t enough open another GR page and map all those 1392 MIDI events to totally different tasks (Logical Editor presets, Plugin presets, processing audio, Macros, calling VST windows…)
We can always switch between GR pages by MIDI keys/pads so the idea of having all the access under our fingers all the time with simple MIDI keyboard or any controller for that matter is pretty awesome. It takes time to program all of that initially of course, but once the work is done we can work soo much faster and intuitive after a while!
Now lets add an iPad with Lemur or Touch OSC on it or a Touchscreen monitor … just mindblowing options there.

Very good thank you!

Just saw this today, amazing bit of work there 24dBFS ! I am just coming to Generic Remote and this going to be big help! Thank you!

Been a long time since I was working with the GR, it was a challenge.

The main problem I had is that I like to have everything all setup in a template.

So I could have all my instruments with the GR setup to control different things etc.

But if I change the order of my tracks or I get a new instrument that I want up top, I would have to redo everything.

Because the GR works on slots and would still try and control the same slot even if the contents have changed.

Is there something new to get over this or how do you deal with that?