Cubase 7.5, H Sonic SE and Halion Symphonic Orchestra


Could you please let me know, when I load HSO to H Sonic SE2 in Cubase 7.5 and then play the midi keyboard live with a couple of MIDI Channels on and some strings instruments loaded to Multi Program Rack, I keep getting in the VST performance the real-time peak reaching maximum immediately. It turns red and hear the sound of VST instruments in the HSO with clipping/cracking sounds. My MacBook Pro has processor 2.3GHz Intel Core i5, Memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 and Software OSX 10.8.5. Do you think I will need any upgrade or adjustments in setting of my Mac?



I’ve got very similar setup here (see signature), use C7.5, HS and HSO every day. Maybe adding another 4 GB of memory would eliminate your problems. But sometimes it seems to me that the best adjustment for Mac (considering working with Steinberg stuff) is to replace it with a PC.

Thank you!
I thought there were better ways of doing it, as HSO may not need much RAM unlike high end VST Orchestral software.

Have you read the HSO manual? It says that some patches (those which use crossfading between different layers) use quite a lot of memory, because if you use such patch, all the layers are loaded in memory at any time. I recently did some orchestral arrangement with Combi patches, and had to freeze-unfreeze some tracks to be able to listen to the whole thing.