Cubase 7.5 hangs on exit


I’m new here and am discovering Cubase 7.5 which I bought a few weeks ago. I switched to Cubase (former SONAR, Reaper and Samplitude user) because of the score editor which is becoming more important for me now.

While everything starts to work, I had however a few hangs already with Cubase and am a little worried about this. Especially the hangs when I close a project or Cubase. It happens 2/5 times and mostly when Cubase has been open for a while.

I removed most VST’s to see if it may be a bad VST but even with one VSt instrument it happens, and I have to kill Cubase in the task manager which then results in a my M-Audio Audiophile 192 card to stop working.

I’ve never had this issues before in Reaper or SONAR so I wonder what might happen ? Can you help me please ?

thanks so much in advance,

Hans Van Even

My Cubase started dying when closing after i installed SSD4 drums. Usually happens if it worked for some time. Found no solution.

Thanks, in my system it seems to happen most with Play VST from East West but I also saw it with other VST’s so really no clue … anyway, I’m downloading Cubase 8 now as I have the free upgrade hope this will work better.


Actually also happens with Cubase 8 Pro and just with one loop playing, when you exit the software it hangs, really annoying :frowning:

I would recommend updating drivers - graphics, M-Audio, eLicencer, etc. Mainly just to remove them as suspects, but also because I used to have hangs on exit and now I don’t yet I still use the same version of Cubase and the same plugins… Something else must have changed, more than that I can’t say.


Thanks you, just removed all Steinberg products and only installed C8 and updated a few drivers, the M-Audio doesn’t have newer drivers, but we’ll see how this works now :wink:



LO0L !!!

just laughed at the men faces… that got booted from it ! :laughing:

(win 7 compatibility mode just fix it)

through i maybe gonna buy 8 pro update too… to fix the crash… :sunglasses: