Cubase 7.5 hangs on startup @ ski Remote

Cubase 7.5 hangs on startup @ ski Remote.

Uninstalled ski remote and starts up no problem.

Windows 7, Intel i7

Possible ski remote update?


Thanks but no, it was the latest ski update that was installed.

I recall somewhere that you had to have bonjour running, but I’d have hoped it’s installed as part of the ski remote install… Could be old intel but maybe something to check.

Also check what your firewall settings are, perhaps it’s blocked and is holding up Cubase when it starts?

I just installed Ski Remote this week and although I haven’t activated the device in setup yet my Cubase still starts fine, no probs.


i have this issue too !! started today after few days running OK… didn’t do any changes to my computer !
i do have bonjour installed on my computer though as i need it !

Same exact thing happened to me this week

no joy here…
uninstalled ,installed ,restart computer after several times it worked. now its hangs again on cubase startup… :smiling_imp:
freaking annoying !!

me too! :frowning:

Anybody manage to fix this on their end?

copied my experience from another thread:

Hope it helps in some way.