Cubase 7.5 Hard copy manual

I will be updating my system from Cubase 6 to Cubase 7.5. How do I get a hard copy of the manual?

You take the pdf, bring it to a copy shop and tell them to make a hardcopy out of it.

I mean the one that comes with the product…

Aloha f,

AFAIK there is no hard copy that come with C7.5.

It is all pdf and online info now.

As are the installation files.

Boy, this manual topic pops up a lot

Seems some old habits/ways of doing things are hard to die.

If the pace of change wasn’t so rapid (I’m not complaining :slight_smile: ), I’d prefer a hard copy manual. But as it is, I find a PDF more convenient, especially since getting an iPad. Only drawbacks are not being able to read it in sunshine or the bath.

There’s obviously some demand for a printed manual though - I wonder if Steinberg have considered some sort of print on demand service?

I just threw away all my old CD/DVD copies of Cubase, manuals trial disks, and anything else that wastes space around me.

I can’t be more thankful that Steinberg have more or less said good bye to physical media.

Thanks…I just like to get away from these monitors from time to time…

Good for you!

Thanks for sharing.

I hear ya and know exactly how you feel. Guess that’s why I still subscribe to several magazines.
Just to get away from the ‘beams’.

Yet at the same time I can forsee a day in the future when some monitors are as
flat and flexible as paper.

On that day and from then on, ‘game over’ for reading on paper.

Thank goodness for the iPad. I try and get all the pdf manuals that I can find loaded on to mine. No more stack of manuals next to the, uh, “white, water-cooled, contemplation pedestal”. Sometimes a man has to do his thinking in the proper environment.

On the other hand, I just started a quick search for a 7.5 addendum to download to the iPad and haven’t found it yet. Don’t make me hook this thing up to my desktop… :mrgreen:

Wait 'til you see the next generation - information saved on a device in a special format that wirelessly interfaces directly into your brain via a new comtech or special implant - you’ll just simply know everything. :ugeek:

I thought that was what our personal printers were for!

For the cost of a hard copy manual of 900pages, one can buy a cheap mono laser printer and a ream of paper.

Even at 900 pages, many topics are not covered well. Now if Steinberg wrote manuals as detailed as RME does, Cubase’s manual would be 5,000 pages.

BriHar- love that signature line on your posts. Cracked me up the first time I saw it. :laughing:

PaperTab: PaperTab: Revolutionary paper tablet reveals future tablets to be thin and flexible as paper. - YouTube

I’ve suggested this before, if they were to publish the manuals on e.g. Lulu, then those that want a printed manual could buy one, and those that don’t can ignore it. Competitors like Sony do this, for example. A simple solution that would keep everyone happy.