Cubase 7.5 Hitpoints

How do you manually insert Hitpoint, In 7.0.6 on a Mac you can hold down option key and you can add them manually. In 7.5 for some reason I can see insert hitpoint, but when I click it doesn’t stay after I let go. Anyone else having this problem or is it a new way of adding them manually ?

On windows it’s normally the “insert” key. Works normal here. Look in your keycommands and search for “insert marker”. It’s in the Transport folder. Make sure it is mapped to what you think it is.

Thanks for your reply… I figured it out. In C7 you just click and it will appear and stay. Cubase 7.5 you have to click and move it or drag it a little and it will stay at least for me.

ah, sorry dude… I totally misread as Marker, not hitpoint. My bad.

Yeah, I just noticed this “drag to add marker” thing (terrible). It’s definitely slowing me down and I have some really complex drums to trigger which means that most of the kick hitpoints are inaccurate and I have to manually add/remove/move them around… Not stoaked!