Cubase 7.5 incredible slow 10.7.5

I recently changed out to some new firewire PCI cards and since then cubase is running very slow when I attempt anything to do with the audio interface, aggregate device. In setting up my external instruments as vst’ s I get a spinning beach ball for 30-45 seconds. This is on each and every mouse click. Incredibly annoying and frustrating to say the least.

Any thoughts? I am running an aggregate device of 2 alesis firewire mixers and 1 prosonus firewire interface. The only thing I changed recently was my firewire cards.

I think you shouldn’t have changed the firewire cards.
(Old Adage: “Never change a working thing!”)

I agree, but I was getting lots of crackles and pops, my old firewire card was PCI and I updated to PCIe. The mixers show up fine in preferences etc… It’s when I’m setting up external instruments as vst’s that I get the spinning beach all every time I make a change.

Are there certain preferences I can trash that would help?


Nevermind, spinning beach ball = Mac.

Cubase 7.5 isn’t supported under OSX 10.7. Are you using a very old computer (you might be if you need a firewire PCI card), otherwise I suggest that your try out OSX 10.9 and see if that solves your problem. 10.9 is free to download from Apples Appstore. Install it on a secondary drive (or partition) if your unsure about if it works.

what kind of mac you have? configuration? audio card? I will try to help you.