Cubase 7.5....inspector section issue

Hello all. I was in the middle of a recording session and all was going well, then i go to left click on my insert tab on the inspector panel to add a plugin and it won’t drop down to let me select a plugin it just brings up a little triangle to the right for “preset management”.

Can anyone help me to get this back to being able to left click on my tabs on the inspector section so that they cascade down again? I must have inadvertently changed a setting somewhere.

cubase issue.jpg

Try this:

I tried that before posting this issue, and all that did for me was to reset the faders and wipe all of the inserted plugins in the mix console back to their defaults but I still was not able to left click and cascade anything in the inspector panel on the project page. I have searched the forums and all i could come up with was that post you are referring to, but I am at a loss on this issue.

That means you reset the whole mixer.
This is different.
Please read the instructions carefully.
And remember to do the same thin in the Edit channel window.

Ok. i see what I misread. I did exactly per the instructions this time …click on the “Functions menu” (top right corner of the MixConsole) while pressing the “Alt” key on your keyboard and select “Reset MixConsole Window”. It then placed me back to my main workspace and i tried to left click any tab (insert/track versions/Equalizers/fader) and the only thing that will happen is the little light gray triangle will come up (per the picture i posted) and if you highlight over it tool tips will tell you it is “Preset Management”.

Do you have any other ideas?

Did you do this to both the MC and the Edit channels window?
After doing this, save the project and reopen it afterwards.
I also seem to have read somewhere, that you have to thrash your preferences prior to doing this.

Thrash my preferences? By that do you mean go into the menu and set them back to default (which i have already done), or i need to delete a preferences file somewhere?

As far as doing it on both the MC and the edit channels, the only place i see to do that is the drop down menu on the mc. I don’t see another place to do this on the main workdesk. I have reset the channels as well as the mix console window.

Still just not working…this has to be something simple. ughhh…I have been trying all kinds of things to no avail. Very frustrating indeed.

No. somewhere on your computer, there is a preference folder in which Cubase stores all preferences.
On Windows, you can access this via the start menu in the Steinberg Cubase sub menu.
To thrash them, move them, delete them or rename the preference folder.
Upon startup, Cubase will create new preferences if it cannot find any.
Do remember to delete all preferences of previous versions also, since Cubase will retrieve those if it finds them instead of creating new ones.

The Edit Channel windows appears when you click on the ‘e’ button on certain tracks.

I tried that as well and still didn’t get results. I did a restore to a previous restore point (windows 7 ultimate 64bit) to about a week ago and that worked.

Very weird little bug. I really don’t know why it did it. It worked fine this morning then i went to get something to drink came back and was going to insert a plugin and it wouldn’t allow me to.

Thank you very much for your help. :slight_smile:


I have the same problem like the OP… I cannot select the insert/send/Track Version/main section in the inspector – and it is really annoying because i cannot set a track delay because the main section of some channels is not accessible???
the only thing i see is this little cube which says “preset management” when i hover over it…
when i click some tabs very often it kind of works some times, but I only see half of the UI and it reacts very strange :confused:

I have no idea what caused this problem. I closed the project yesterday (normally), opened it today and suddenly this annoying issue was there… Does anyone have a solution for this problem??