Cubase 7.5 install but no Retrologue?


I recently built a new PC platform for the DAW. I installed Cubase 7.5 from the upgrade download that I received some months ago as I already have a 7.5 licence on the eLicenser. However I used to have Retrologue, it probably came as part of Cubase 6 or 7. So if I download the trial version of Retrologue, will my Cubase 7.5 license be all that is required for it to be fully operational? I don’t think I ever had a separate license for Retrologue, at least there is not a separate license on the eLicenser.


Retrologue is covered with your Cubase 7.5 license. If you install Cubase on a new system you should use the full installers though and not the upgrade installer. You can download the ISO of the full installer DVDs here:

Thanks Matthias,

The installation was from the Cubase_7.5_Update_Installer_win.exe file, which was purchased as the update from Cubase 7. It’s only 900MB in size, so I’ve also downloaded the 7GB iso image. I presume that this has the instruments and effects that were present in the Cubase 7 installation?

  • Geoff