Cubase 7.5 interface doesn't work

Excuse me for my English, but I really need your help…
The problem is that no tabs on the tracks, in the mixer, or the sample editor are working.
If I click the INSERT tab in audio track, it does not unfold (also SEND and so on). In order for it to be displayed, you need to click other tabs elsewhere
There is in Sample editor I click on the HITPOINTS tab, then the track changes its interface, but the tab remains the previous one. In order to see the interface of HITPOINT I need to close Sample editor and re-open it.

The problem has appeared recently, I use the last update of Windows 10 (the problem did not appear right after the update).
I installed the latest Visual C ++ package
I reinstalled the eLicenser and reinstalled the update of Cubase 7.5.40
Please, help!

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to start Cubase in Safe Start Mode or trash Cubase preferences.