Cubase 7.5 is broken after Cubase 8 demo expired.


My cubase 8 demo has expired, there are now major issues with my cubase 7.5.

The load and startup times are incredibly long - estimating 5-10 times.

No internal FX plugins will load, instruments are OK.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Maybe try booting up in Cubase Safe Mode … if it does fine, then it’s a matter of finding out which one or more of the preferences are messed up. Worth a try …

A suggestion if you’re on Windows: go to a restore point dated before your CP8 demo install.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Safe mode boot did not help - but I know it exists now so that is good.

Did not have a restore point at the right date so couldn’t really try that.

Ended up uninstalling v8 and 7.5 and then reinstalling 7.5 - All seems to be running well again.