Cubase 7.5/Maschine

Is there any information around here on how to route my audio from Maschine into Cubase 7.5
Seem possible before when I had 6.5 but now Im completely lost…

Run Maschine as a VST within Cubase.

Yeah I should have added thats what Im doing, Im actually able to route it to the mixer via the rack instrument and I see the Maschine outs in the mixers getting signals. Im just not sure how to route this to an audio track for recording. Thanks for responding

See if this helps:


Thanks Michael, I do get this far in the past, but you cannot record from instrument tracks…I have to send the intrument track signal to a audio track for recording. Sadly enough I still have this issue…For now I just export the sounds into Cubase

If I remember correctly, you can select a group track as input for audio track recording. Route your maschine channel to a group track, then select that group track as input for audio track

Or, use VST Connections (F4). Make mono and stereo connections that are not assigned to your audio interface. Set the output of the Instrument to one of those, and set the input of audio track(s) as the Instrument track output. I keep an extra 8 mono and 4 stereo pairs in my default Output configuration for this purpose.

What’s the SIMPLE way to record live Maschine 2.0 audio into Cubase 7.5? I just switched from running Maschine 1.8 with Win Vista and Cubase 5.5.3 and a Tascam us-1641 interface. With that configuration, I could first launch Maschine, then launch Cubase, then record live directly to a stereo audio(not vst or midi) track. Digital stereo-in ports were listed as" digital in left" and “digital in 9”. That’s all I had to do to record a complex track from Maschine. Simple.

Now, I just “upgraded” to Cubase 7.5, a new powerful IMac, and Maschine 2(software) with the original Maschine controller and the same Tascam interface. I no longer see any “digital ins” in the vst connections, nor on the complete port list. I can hear the mix but not record it anymore. Can someone explain a simple way to do this? I am obviously not a programmer, but the old configuration was “dumb-simple” , which is how I like it…

Yeah No simple solution available, but you can use maschine as a plug in, activate the maschine plug in tracks 1,2,3,etc, go into vst connections and create stereo outputs name them maschine 1, 2, 3 , etc. don’t assign them to anything, then in cubase vst plug ins section route the maschine tracks to the stereo tracks you created…it’s not possible to record otherwise, I just use three tracks, high, med, and low (frequency)…