Cubase 7.5 MIDI Sends in the mixer - Where did they go?+

In Cubase 7, when assigning the MIDI channel a send to another MIDI out (in the inspector):

… it would appear in the mixer, under the relevant channel’s ‘Sends’ rack, as a little bar with the MIDI channel # of the send in the mixer.

Now in Cubase 7.5, all I see is:

Am I missing something? An option perhaps? Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m afraid the full MIDI Sends implementation is currently missing in the Mixer (so it ain’t your fault at all :wink: ). Only workaround, is to set your MIDI Sends from the Inspector.

I was afraid of that. Thanks for your help

Working as expected here!
Win7 64 / CB 7.5.10


Yes, so long as there actually is an inserted FX on the Send, and with the context menu item "Show Sends as separate Destination and Gain ", the name of the Send destination becomes visible, but have you actually tried to set (or change) the Send destination from there? ( I’ll bet you sixpence you can’t :wink: ). And you can’t set the inserted Send FX to “No Effect”, without the whole thing becoming invisible again :wink:.