Cubase 7.5 - No Audio O/P on tracks


For some reason I can’t fathom out since it wasn’t a problem when I last worked on Cubase, I’m getting no O/P on audio tracks even though the I/P metre shows a strong signal. I’ve taken off any inserts or sends and still no output. I did switch my machine off and on and the problem temporarily disappeared but only to return. With the track (or tracks) soloed, I can see the I/P metres ‘dancing’ away but nothing on the O/P metre. I’ve downloaded updates to 7.5.30 but problem still there.

I’m on a PC Windows 8.1 (64-bit). Has anyone encountered this problem before & found a solution?

Alan :cry:

I encounter this more often than I’d like (which is, of course, “Never!”).
No idea what causes it.
It’s always eventually solved by some combination of software/hardware reboots—though I guess that’s not doing it for you.
By chance, do you have Constrain Delay active? That might be blocking a plugin or two from passing signal?
Have you updated drivers for your interface?

Probably a monitoring issue.

A bit more info on the type of hardware (audiocard and such) would be nice, but i’ll give it a try:

a) Under devices, connections —) studio. Is it switched on ?
If yes: switch it off. You only need studio if you need a complex monitoring environment.

b) i guess O/P and I/P are output and input. So you are metering input on an audio channel, but you have no sound.
Did you switch the monitor button on ? (small round speaker button on the track, “orange” is on). The behaviour you describe can happen when studio is on and the monitoring is not properly set up in the studio-connections tab.

This is not an update issue or a bug. It is something in the routing that isn’t properly setup i guess. Probably one of the above mentioned.

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While any of your suggested fixes might be right, roel, this does happen to me from time to time. Only rebooting solves it. Nothing’s routed incorrectly or anything like that. The project is identical to the last successful play-through. It definitely is an “issue or a bug” for me! :wink:

In fact, today I loaded a mix I’ve been slaving over for weeks, to do a small final client-requested tweak. The cpr loaded fine, except for Superior Drummer 2—only the room and HH outputs played. Reboot, and all’s well again! I suspect a slow memory-leak from some other apps… but then I’d expect to get an out-of-memory message!

With so much being upgraded all the time, issues like this are just bound to happen. Never used to happen back in OS X 10.6 and Cubase 4… [emoji30]


Many thanks for the feedback.

I have been trying out various demo plug-ins and have cleaned these out. These were Sonnox. I’ve gone for and purchased FabFilter EQ, Compression and Limiter. I’ve updated my plug-in information accordingly.

I guess I wasn’t having this issue until I started trying various plug-ins. I use a Focusrite 6i6 for input (I/P) and output (O/P).

I’ve tried rebooting and sometimes that clears the problem but not for long. At the moment the way things stand it’s not useable. I’ve submitted the problem to Steinberg and await a reply.


Ok, got your point. You apparantly know what you are talking about. Never had this kind of issues. And since (re)producing data is a rather essential point of a DAW, if it doesn’t, this should be a major issue. :slight_smile:
But the example you are pointing at, seems a failure in the plugins data input. (or indeed going berzerk on system issues)
OP should give insight in to what kind of animal he is dealing with.

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