Cubase 7.5 No Playback/Tried Everything

I am using a Tascam US-200 usb interface with cubase 7.5 64 bit. Everything was working fine then i updated the driver and firmware for the interface and now i cant get sound from cubase. other programs still work, and play back through the interface to my speakers. Everything is set up correctly in the control panel, sounds/devices , and volume levels are turned up.I have checked the device setup the ASIO driver is right, the input/output busses are right as far as i know. have always worked before. the input is getting a signal. i tried correctly reinstalling the old driver version. none of the issues ive found online answer my question. idk what else to try. is there anything else that would cause this to not work? i am waiting on a response from steinberg and tascam. Thanks for any help anyone can offer me.

Strange, if you are sure the correct ASIO driver is installed and selected and the output busses are set correctly I can’t think of anything else, that’s all you should have to do really :S

Can you post a screenshot of your VST connections output tab?