Cubase 7.5+ not connecting to VEP5

I’ve recently installed Cubase 7.5.2 on a new iMac along with the latest versions of VEP5 to run libraries of my slave PC.

I’ve found that once connected I can play around three notes and the sound will drop out, then the VEP instance will disconnect in Cubase but not be reflected on my slave PC.

This happens every time without fail. I’ve tested the same connection with Logic X and even with Cubase 7.5.2 on my Macbook Pro and both work fine, is there a setting I’m missing in Cubase to stop this from happening?

No, it should just work. No problems here with similar set up.

Hi Steve, I think I got it sorted (fingers crossed) by creating a fixed IP on my PC.

Why I’d need to do that now, with Logic X working fine and my laptop working fine I don’t know!

I have fixed IP also, actually. Perhaps there’s something in that?!

VSL always recommends fixed IP, so I don’t know why that instruction is not in the manual, TBH.