Cubase 7.5 on Snow Leopard?

So I’m aware that Cubase 7.5 isn’t officially supported for 10.6.8, but has anyone tried? If so, does it run okay?

I’m concerned about upgrading to Mavericks for a few reasons, one of them being that the Adobe CS5.5 Production Suite might not be compatible anymore, rendering a something-hundred dollar software set useless…

Don’t know about SL, but it runs just fine on Lion. I might go ML soon but have no desire for Mavericks right now myself.

Yeah, just got a hold of the box and it says the minimum requirement is 10.7 (Lion). So I’m not so certain.

In other news, I got this as an upgrade to Cubase 5. So if I attempted to install 7.5, and it did install, but crashed or something because it’s on an earlier OS, could I still launch Cubase 5? Or would upgrading prevent me from opening up the C5 application/would void my license to use C5?

I, and a number of other Mac users I know, run C7.5 on 10.6.8 with no problems except for the bug that makes the main menu bar randomly disappear. This is caused by the Hub. Solved by trashing: hubservice.bundle

hubservice.bundle can be safely sailed into the trash. For safety/restoration, zip the component first, then trash the original.
Leave “Use Steinberg Hub” checked in Prefs/General. Random crashing has been attributed to the Hub for some users. If crashing occurs and hubservice.bundle is prominently displayed in your crashlogs, uncheck this item.

Pathway to the file:
Rightclick/Cubase 7.5 > Contents > Components > hubservice.bundle

Removing this component provides 6 advantages:

• Stops the crashing (for those who have this problem).
• Restores the earlier compact C6-type Project Assistant.
• No waiting around for the Steinberg web connection to complete.
• Speeds your launch time. On my machine, this cut a full 20 seconds out of the launch period.
• Removes “Steinberg Hub” from the main menu (nothing that can’t be found on Steinberg’s site or your Operations Manual).
• And the aforementioned plus for Mac users still running 10.6.8: no disappearing main menu bar.