Cubase 7.5 or 7

I ordered a few days ago a new Cubase Artist 7.5 Full Version

but I got the feeling I got instead the cubase 7

on the cd is written CUBASE ARTIST 7

look on the picture I attached pls…

or is it cubase 7.5 ?


That is Cubase Artist 7, however you are eligible for a free “grace period” update to 7.5.

See this:

what is the meaning of grace period?

is it for unlimited time?


I’m now installing the software and it ask me to insert the disc: Halion sonic se

the problem is that I dont have a DVD/cd driver on my laptop

is there anything to do?


I’m confused! If you don’t have a DVD/CD driver, how are you installing the software from the Disc you received?
The Halion sonic se content disc is downloadable in ISO (directly burnable to DVD) from the Cubase download page.
This shouldn’t be necessary I would think, the installation from the CA7 disc should be unproblematic. Maybe best to make a Service request from your “My Steinberg” account.