Cubase 7.5 projects - opening as an 8 Pro Project

Hi - any problems expected, or will it be virtually transparent, to open a Cubase 7.52 project directly in Cubase 8 Pro?

I’m guessing the Cubase/Steinberg beta testers learned the answer to this long ago …


I opened 7.5 version, not without issues though. But successfully in the end.
But most issues was related to plugins.
First attemt had missing VST’s since the path was not updated in Pro8. (nothing strange)
Second attemt complained about missing licence on my Waves Rbass plugin and had to open without.
Third attemt everything opened perfect.

But one GUI issue is that on my Superior Drummer channel (with extra output channels) does not show “Muted” on mixer if I click on mute in sequenser window. Still mute though. Solo works as should.

Sometimes some subtle things may not make themselves known for a while, such as [ISSUE]Cannot input groups to pre-7.5.2 project audio tracks, whereas new audio tracks did not have the problem.

However, it is the type of thing that many may never get round to doing, hence why it took a while to surface, though if you did need to do it, it means you would have to re-create the affected audio tracks - a PITA!