Cubase 7.5 Quick Control issues

Hello, everyone!

I´m here today because I am experiencing some difficulties regarding the Quick Control feature in Cubase 7.5. I just can´t get it to work and it´s literally driving me insane. Yes, literally! The problem on the other hand is minor, but it´s basically the only thing standing in my way to get this to work properly, which is kind of annoying.

It all started when I wanted to use a external midi controller to be able to control VST parameters inside my Cubase.

My setup is as following:

Maschine 1 - NI
Traktor S4 - NI
Yamaha mx61
Profire 2626

I am using my Maschine as a MIDI controller. I have set up a nice template via the the Controller Editor, which enables me to map different CCs to each knob on my Maschine. This is done by using Mackie Control in Controller Editor and Cubase. I will post screenshots.

Now the problem is, is that I have no troubles recording a automation from Kontakt 5 (Native instruments plugin for those who don´t know) and in to Cubase. But it can´t automate, it only records the automation to the track so that it overlaps with the midi recording. I don´t fully understand why it does this. But I guess it´s because the MIDI automation and the HOST automation within Kontakt are two different things. When I turn the knob within Kontakt MANUALLY with my mouse, Cubase manages to read and write the automation, but when I do this with via MIDI controller (Maschine) Cubase can´t seem to write the automation, but only record the automation.
Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 11.56.20 AM.png
This is not really a big deal for me, I can live with that, but I do want the Quick Controls to work properly.

So, in order to get quick control to work, I know that you have to go to Device Setup and do it there. But the problem here is that the “learn” function in Track Quick Control Device Setup is not responding when I turn my knobs on my Maschine. Cubase is showing that its receiving MIDI data from my Maschine, but it won´t let me assign a knob to any of the controls. I managed to get it to work, but all of a sudden it stopped working for some reason.

When I enter my MIDI track and then open up Quick Controls, it shows 8 different assignments that I can control. As you can see on the first picture. The parameters won´t respond (due to me not being able to assign any knobs to my quick control) but it does respond with my VST (Kontakt) when I adjust them manually with my mouse.

I don´t know what to do here, so I hope somebody can shed some light on this and tell me what I am doing wrong. Here are some pictures so that you can see what settings I am using.
Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 11.50.16 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 11.50.57 AM.png

Have you read the entire section of the operation manual starting on page 430?

You could use the generic remote, to do what you want. What do you want to do? What parameters of what synth?

You have the quick controls getting midi input from your machine input then you’re sending back to the same device. It could only control that device, you need to send it to your synth that you want to control.

No, I haven´t and I will do that right away. Always been a little lazy when it comes to stuff like that. I´d rather google, haha.

What I want to do, is basically just use my Maschine as a MIDI controller, so that I can control VST parameters by assigning them to the knobs on my Maschine via MIDI learn. So far it works, but my only problem here is that:

  1. When trying to assign knobs via Quick Control, wether it be VST or Track Quick Control, the learn button (check box) won´t respond when I turn my knobs to assign them.

  2. When I for example use MIDI learn to be able to adjust the Cutoff on a filter inside Kontakt with one of my knobs on Maschine, it will only let me record the automation and not actually write it. There are two tabs inside Kontakt.

  • Host Automation and MIDI Automation

When I have I try to automate the Cutoff, reverb, or whatever, with one of my knobs on Maschine, it only let´s me record. Cubase won´t write the automation as it should. BUT, when I turn the Cutoff for example with my mouse and not my knob it suddenly writes the automation like it should. It´s like it won´t automate when I use knobs on my Maschine.
But like I said. It really isn´t a problem for me, but I would love to find a solution.
The real problem is why Quick Controls learn function won´t respond when I turn my knobs, even if the MIDI signals from my Maschine is being read by Cubase.