Cubase 7.5 randomly stops recording while recording.

i have been having an issue while using cubase 7.5

its sort of hard to describe, but while recording a track, the recording will randomly drop, and the waveform will show as if the input signal has its gain turned all the way up, and the program continues in record mode as if it is still recording, but no audio is being recorded. The recorded track stays, and is somewhat useable (will sort of time warp the recording) but no audio gets recorded after the incident. Im not sure the proper term for this, i would like to say the recording lags our while recording, but it doesn’t lag, it just stops alltogether.

i updated my ram to 8gbs to try and solve the issue, but i still get the problem
i am using Tascam US-1800 USB audio interface


Isn’t it the same as this description, please? Or what is the difference?

i’ve noticed this in one of our studios. the culprit was some irq interventions happening between the lan card and the audio interface. the only temporary workaround we found was, simply, to restrict your internet activity while the daw is opened (which is not a bad practice in and of itself ;] ). having said that, you may also try shuffling the installed cards between your motherboard slots, if indeed the scenario i outlined above applies to you in the first place.