cubase 7.5 - Some MIDI Controllers are getting filtered out

Observed with the following MIDI controllers - 18, 19, 16, 17.
Works fine with 64, 11


  1. Start a new empty project in 7.5
  2. Create new MIDI track
  3. Move MIDI sliders on your controller 18, 19, 16 or 17
  4. Note the MIDI activity spikes in transport (expected)
  5. Start recording. Do not play actual notes, just move sliders noted above.
  6. Notice that there will be no MIDI activity indication on the MIDI track while recording.
  7. Stop the recording, watch your take disappear, like empty.
  8. Close Cubase 7.5
  9. Start 7.0.6, repeat same steps and observe normal expected behavior.

Noted in 64-bit versions, windows

Are you sure you don’t have an active Transformer on a midi track?

Yes, I’m sure on that. It very much feels like it, doesn’t it?

No problem recording those CC’s here.
Aren’t the CC’s filtered out by the MIDI filter (Prefs → MIDI → MIDI filter → Controller)?

yeah, that’s the first thing I’ve checked, thank you. You’re on Mac, right? That can be a windows-specific issue…

(I don’t suppose you’ve got a VST Expression Map active on that track, which is swallowing those controllers?)

No, unfortunately i do not

OK. Problem IS solved.

What is happening, is that Quick Control is enabled by default. And CCs I’ve mentioned are listed in in Quick Controls MIDI.xml file. So, one could either remove these lines from XML or disable quick controls altogether.

I have not found this to be the case (following your repro above), but well spotted! I was not aware of this behaviour in conjunction with Quick Controls.

Wow, this would’ve had me going for a while… it’s ALWAYS those damn Quick Controls. This is not the first time they’ve thrown me. Thanks for catching this!

… thanks for spotting this :slight_smile:. In fact, I think I am correct in saying that this only happens when those controllers are active in the new VST Quick Controls… they still pass through ok in the original Track Quick Controls.
(Here, both Track Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls are fed by a separate MIDI input port from the one used by my external MIDI Keyboard anyways, so, in “real life”, I never come up against this situation :wink: )

Good research, sasha1961 and vic_france, this should find a place in the manual! :bulb: