Cubase 7.5 to pro 12 full version

I have recently purchased an upgrade but should have purchased an update.
Am guessing my 7.5 full version needs the update not the upgrade if I had 7.5element I would need the upgrade not the update to pro12 full version hence why the license won’t transfer from the esoft dongle to the new system

I guess this is what you need:

For this kind of issues, there is the ‘Online Shop Support’

They’ll fix it :wink:

Awaiting a refund of the upgrade so I can purchase the update which is compatible for my version

I don’t feel confident with there support and I’ve read some terrible tales of how there support does not work

Okay, I had good experiences with Support.
Not sure everyone posting on the forum tells their entire story and some are venting frustration …

I just hope the refund comes soon so I can purchase the correct update for my version .
There shouldn’t be any issues as the license itself won’t activate so it’s not been activated