Cubase 7.5 update problem.

Hi, I just downloaded cubase 7.5 and activated my eLicenser and when I opened it up I noticed that there was a 7.5.40 update and so I thought I might as well update it. When it was done it asked me to activate my eLicenser, so I put in the activation code again and plugged the USB eLicenser back in and then it told me that I can only use the eLicenser once. Is it possible for me to undo the update? I am aware that I can use the program if the USB is plugged in, but I think that only lasts a total of 25 hours. Also, if I can’t undo the update, do I have to buy another eLicenser?

What version of Cubase did you buy? And what is/are the licenses now on your eLicenser? Any license can only be activated once, and point updates like 7.5.40 never have a separate license.

You have to understand that the eLicenser is something like a wallet containing your licenses - you don’t activate the dongle itself and don’t need to buy a new one unless it physically doesn’t work anymore. DO update the eLicenser software though, which is a go-between between the ‘wallet’ and the installed software (Cubase). BTW, the 25 hours I think you mean is a time limited license for the Fraunhofer MP3 codec only.

Thank you! I assumed that the license on the USB was for Cubase 7.5 since that’s what I purchased, but I updated the eLicenser software and it turns out the license on it is for Cubase Pro 8 not 7.5 so I just downloaded it and everything is running smoothly. Again thank you for the help!