Cubase 7,5 update to 11 grace period to 12

Hello dear Steinberg. Can somebody talk me what happen if I’m activating my cubase 7.5 update license from7 today or after release of pro 12? I bought this long time ago but not yet activated.
Did I’m have grace period to pro 11 and after to 12?


Yes, you would get Cubase 11 now and Cubase 12 later, because you apply for the Grace Period.

But if I’m waiting and gone activating my 7.5 update from 7 after 12 will be released? What happened?


Then you will get Cubase 12 license straight.

So did you mean I’m don’t get the 11 to my elicenser dongle? If i activating after 12 will be reliased?
And what happened with 7 and 7.5 on the usb dongle? Or they gone by stay on the dongle like last version? 7.5 not 11.

For example i have dorico 3.5 not yet activated and 4 already reliased. When I’m activating this i will get the 3.5 to my dongle like last dongle version and pro 4 grace period update to? To my account like new licensing system version? If I’m understand correct. Or?

Better do it befor 12 as then you will have an elincer for 11. AFAIK you can keep the elicencer after getting 12 it will just be non upgradable and non trensferable after you get the free 12 upgrade.

The concept is simple. The version you have on the Elicenser when you activate the update is the version that will remain on it.

The only special thing about it is this: if you update to Cubase 11 before 12 comes out, it is C11 that will remain on the dongle, as @vinark has said, plus you get 12 when it comes out.

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Ok I’m understand. But maybe somebody can told me what happened if I’m activating update from 7 to 7.5 after 12 reliase? I’m gone still have my 7 or 7.5 or 11 on my dongle and 12 too like grace? Or I’m loosing everything on dongle and come have just 12? I’m just want understand how it works.
Because I want to save and have the latest version on the usb dongle and who’s updated to the new license system with a grace period latest version to.

You have 7 on the dongle, and a license for 12.
That’s why @vinark said you should update before 12 comes out, so end up with 11 on the dongle.

Ok how about dorico I’m posted up?
I’m save my 3.5 and get 4?
Or I’m losing 3.5 and get just 4?

Please, this has all been answered here, and in a multitude of posts sand in the Licensing FAQs and updates.

If you want more info about Dorico, post in that category,

Sorry but nobody answer there about this.
I have posted this question on dorico topic.
And I’m most understand I’m losing something with my license or not.
Because I’m have
Vst connect pro 5
Nuendo 8
Wavelab pro 8 update from 7
Spectralayers 7
Absolute collection 3
Not yet activated to.

No, not since Dorico 4 with the new licensing system has been released. If you dont’t have a Dorico license on your dongle already you will not get any. You will get a Dorico 4 license with the new Steinberg Licensing system, only. The new licensing system neither gives additional licenses to the dongle, nor does it update licenses on the dongle. It just marks an existing license on the dongle as NFR (not for resale).

If you are updating a program that still doesn’t have got the new licensing system, you will get the latest current version at activation time onto your dongle.