Cubase 7.5 upgrade

Hi Just need to know. Can i just upgrade from cubase 7 to 7.5 or is it better to uninstall cubase 7 first

No, you should keep it as it is and only install the update in addition.

Thanks Ed for your help. I have cubase 7.5 installed but when i go to loopmash fx, i don’t see any presets. Must i buy the presets and install them

Loopmash FX is an FX like native instruments The Finger, use it like an fx not like loopmash, 2 different plugins. You will need to insert it in a track/channel and use a midi track to control it :smiley:


Could you please let me know that why after upgrade from Cubase 7 to Cubase 7.5 it keep asking for register for activation of License?

Do I have to activate another license for Cubase 7.5?

Please advice.


Yes. The update from C7 to C7.5 is not free.

Where will I be able to buy the upgrade, any link or suggestions?


I have Cubase 7.5 and can’t even find Loopmash FX it just does not show up in the effects list :confused:

Correction found it under other :smiley: