cubase 7.5 upgrade

I just bought the upgrade for cubase 7.5 from the cubase Artist 7.5

Do I need to delete completely the artist 7.5 before installing the full cubase 7.5 ?


No, deletion is not necessary, new version should install in a seperate directory.

But now that you have C7.5 I´d de-install Artist, unless you have any special plans with it…

Hi Betweenthewords,

you don’t need to install nor uninstall anynithg!

Cubase 7.5 and Cubase Artist 7.5 are the same program. The version that will open depends on the license that you have. You only have to enter the activation code to upgrade your license and the next time you open Cubase, it will be Cubase 7.5 that start and not Artist anymore.


It may be that the full version has more “content” than Artist. I am certain this was the case with HALion Sonic SE in the Cubase6 series. Running the installer might reveal some content that is not installed yet. The HALion Sonic SE content “Pro” content is one that I can think of.

Is it ok for me to throw in a selfish slightly related question?
I don’t want to start a thread for this.

I assume 7.5 WILL replace 7.
Do you think it is safe to replace the software during a project in work? I am dying to use GA for the project, but not enough to ruin anything that’s working fine. This is a personal project, no one is paying, so… just wondering how seamless.

Sorry Betweenthewords, feel free to ask me anything as well.

7.5 does NOT replace 7. They can both be on a computer at the same time and are installed in separate folders. So you can choose which version you wish to use and when.

Sir. Thanks!

That makes me very happy.