cubase 7.5 upgrade

I just upgraded from elements 7 to artist 7.5 I installed and activated it but I have the same effects as I did in elements I thought there was more .did I do something wrong when I installed it

There are more. They should have been installed automatically. Are you actually opening 7.5?

Link to the ISO images for Cubase Artist 7.5.30:

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I will install the update when I get home from work , yea I opened artist 7.5 its a lot different then elements in look .see if the update makes a differnt

its comes up now but the problem some of the unregistered license from effects from elements ,errors come when I open 8.5 and it crashes from these unlicensed effect what can I do

Try opening the eLicenser control center, update it to the latest version and run the maintenance tasks.

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did that still crashes when opening cubase

Well, issues when opening Cubase are usually associated with Cubase loading preferences or when loading third party VSTs.

To troubleshoot VST effects issues:

  1. Sometimes Cubase and VSTs need to be set to run as administrator. Check that first and try restarting.

  2. Eliminate the VST causing Cubase to crash when opening:
    The only way I know to check that is to copy the folder(s) where you have third party VSTs installed and save that to a safe location. Then delete the VSTs from the original folder and try to restart Cubase. Hopefully it will start. If it does start then it is a matter of copying back the VSTs a few at a time into the original folder from where you copied them and try starting each time until you figure out which one is giving you your issues.

    To troubleshoot Cubase preference issues:
    I would try starting in safe mode and disable the Cubase preferences by following the instructions in the link provided below. If that does not show what the issue is then, more likely it is related to a third party VST causing problems for Cubase to open.

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thanks ill give it a shot ,sounds confusing .

it works , but for some reason it comes up error when I open e- licences , thanks at aleast I can open cubases I might uninstall e- licences and reinstall .,
thanks again buddy

it works fine now thanks again really love artist 8.5 cant get off it